Nature Collection Fall/Winter 2022

The NATURE collection is inspired by the natural elements that make up our planet. Water,
fire, earth and air combine to give rise to phenomena that have always accompanied our
ecosystem. The tribute to nature is evident in the colors and shapes of our pearls that evoke
uncontaminated environments and landscapes.

Nature Collection Fall 2022


Island Collection Spring/Summer 2022

Jewelry between tradition and innovation. A dream born in Venice that travels along the Italian island. This collection is a tribute to the sea, to its turbid but also crystal clear shades of water, and to its amazing sea shores.

Island Collection 2022


Casanova Collection Fall - Winter 2021-2022

Every Murano glass bead is realized on our craft workshops according to the ancient lampworking technique, giving rise to refined jewels of the highest quality and manufacturing. Precious Murano glass rods become beads and pendants with a own soul, thanks to the skilled hands of our glass masters. The result is therefore unique. The artist directs the fiery beam onto the colored glass that takes shape, according to his flair and creativity. Using other glass rods, he impresses and applies shades and designs of various colors, creating complex elements and patterns of colored glass. He gives life to beads that can be considered true works of art. Each Antica Murrina bead, thanks to an exclusive handmade production process, can be considered unique in its kind.

Casanova Collection

Sunrise Collection 2021

Come and see our new Sunrise Collection by clicking on the link below.

Sunrise Collection 2021


Best of Antica

Tradition and Innovation, Antica Murrina Venezia, since its first collections until today has been a dynamic reality which has found a balance between unique experiments on the glass
inspired by the fashion trends and the traditional glass working techniques from where it originates. Our “Best of” features our achievements through the years that led us across changes to
improve ourselves. Antica Murrina recognizes the value of the uniqueness of each single glass bead resulting from craftsmanship, the same uniqueness that distinguishes each person, different from every
other, who will wear our jewels. We would like you to receive one of our jewels as an unexpected and always surprising gift by the person you love.
The best of us is the best of you!

The Best of Antica Murrina

Antica Murrina - Memories

Antica Murrina Memories