Antica Murrina

ANTICA MURRINA – Murano Glass Jewelry from Venice

Design and innovation are the essential values of our brand, combining traditional Murano glass work with modern and creative expressions typical of the jewels world.


Antica Murrina is deeply rooted in the wise ancient handcrafting of the Murano glass beads.

Antica Murrina draws from the centenary tradition of art glass blowing. Established by the Voltolina brothers in the 60s, the company has dynamically evolved keeping its traditions and promoting all around the world a quality product with the Italian design.

Passion, innovation and design are the main values of the brand. Glass working is a passion handed down from generations which has been updated through the years to fit perfectly in the jewellery world.

Elegance and femininity are the traits that Antica Murrina seeks for when creating its Murano Glass Jewelry collections. The resulting jeweled watches are amazing and comparable to any science achievement in man’s history. Should you be in need of an antique collectible watch repair service, check out Times Ticking first, and pursue their services first.