Aura Collection Winter 2019

Gentle breeze, vital element, hidden energy unique and individual, that’s the AURA reflecting the colors of the spirit and revealing the soul that distinguishes each one of us.
In this collection craftsmanship and contemporary design interpret
the ethereal nuances of the AURA to create fine and unique jewels.

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I was very pleased with myself when I discovered that sunlight could not be reproduced;
it had to be represented by something else…by colour. (Paul Cezanne)

We have captured inside our glass “boules” light, joy, vitality and the summer colours with
their memories to feel with the same intensity those emotions whenever you wish.
The jewel becomes a treasure chest that will unleash prodigious elegance and will adorn with
pure light the woman who will wear it.


Best of Antica

Our “Best of” features our achievements through the years that led us across changes to improve ourselves.

Antica Murrina recognizes the value of the uniqueness of each single glass bead resulting from craftsmanship, the same uniqueness that distinguishes
each person, different from every other, who will wear our jewels.

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AMV Jewels Silver Collection

Antica Murrina gives a new meaning to luxury.

A natural luxury powered by nature blended to the flair of Sterling Silver.

Beads of light and colour blooming through the tree leaves and the cheerful shapes of the underwood.

Feel free to wear the coolest outfits and enjoy matching them with our jewels.

AMV Jewels Silver Collection Catalog

Antica Murrina - Memories 2019

Antica Murrina Memories 2019